Drive My Car movie review - review [Nowe Horyzonty 2021]

If I had to sum up succinctly driving my car, I would call this film mastery of precision. This is one of those on-screen stories that tries to capture the seemingly elusive beauty of life; Great in its intimacy, universal in its infinitely intimate message. Ryûsuke Hamaguchi Take prose to the workshop Harukijo MurakamigoAnd this tandem of magicians was also helped by Anton Chekhov, who Uncle Vanya Essential to the story as a whole. The literary magic allows the director to create, on the one hand, a triumphant song of existence, and on the other, a sad elegy that will take the viewer into a whirlwind of emotional trauma, a need to come to terms with the past and a emptiness. Thanks to the slow narration, we can permeate the world in which the creator-demiurge draws a treatise on humanity in its purest form and art with a capital “S”. It is a world at first glance of inconsistencies and subtle nuances, sometimes appearing like the biblical Tower of Babel. People continue to misunderstand – themselves and the people they meet on their way. The destruction of interpersonal communication has a literal and symbolic dimension, since the main part of the action takes place in Hiroshima. How do you find a way out of reality suspended between light and darkness? The answer is simple. I repeat after Chekhov: “Well, you have to live.”

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Although the film runs for 3 hours, there is not a single superfluous shot or unexamined deviation from Murakami’s literary archetype. The main character is Yusuke Kufuku (Hidetoshi Nishijima), a prominent theater actor who appears to be creating a passionate and mutual love affair with a famous television writer, here (Rika Kirishima). Suffice it to say that immediately after sex, the woman shares with her husband completely unrealistic, achievable stories, and while traveling through the city, Yusuke listens to the script Wujaszka Wani B – This is what his wife recorded for him. The thing is that the idyll of the couple is nothing but a facade; The protagonist will discover Oto’s betrayal first, and later find her dead in their shared home. We slowly finish the first hour of the session, and… the opening subtitles appear on the screen. Hamaguchi is just getting started. The main part of the story takes place two years later and focuses on the theater festival in Hiroshima, before which he will choose Kofuku and prepare for two months to star in a show based on the same Chekhov novel. During the auditions, he appears, among other things, the young lover of Otto, Kōji Takatsuki (Masaki Okada). Even worse, during a visit to another city, the protagonist will not be able to lead the beloved Red Saab. Misaki played the driver.Toko MiuraA little girl who hides many secrets of the world. reading Wujaszka Wani It would seem that it will last forever, but the rhythm of life of the central characters is determined not by the trial at all, but by what happens between them.

After the atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima, the bodies of some victims were vaporized by the nuclear explosion; They left only shadows on the sidewalks and stairs. This piercing sight seems to be a perfect metaphor for what driving my car At its deepest level, it’s actually a touching story about people caught in an emotional twilight, whose past traumas won’t go away. They are hidden, transported and scaled down in everyday life, becoming part of the code of conduct and the driving force behind the actions of the heroes. Following in the footsteps of Murakami and Chekhov, Hamaguchi does not want to be fatalistic. In his film, ghosts and ghosts of the former circle next to a hymn of praise for life. The path to liberation from this reality leads through art and self-acceptance. I wouldn’t be too revealing if I found it driving my car It is one of the best allegories of artistic catharsis in twenty-first century cinema, and is a direct result of the phenomenal script. I don’t remember being on the big screen seeing such well-written characters and listening to such finely polished dialogue. After all, the voices of language and communication are separate characters in this story, which can be best seen in the wonderful dinner scene, where Yusuke and Misaki host the festival’s main organizer and his wife who can’t speak. Oh my goodness, this sequence seems to weigh more than the entire universe – etched into words, yet amazingly silent. Besides, Hamaguchi contains more scenes and effects that viewers can conjure up, for example, magically smoking in the car and theatrical conclusion Wujaszka Wani.

W driving my car The most important thing is not even the general moral of the story, which is supported by the literary heavens, but the unclear path leading to it. Such a long journey on screen from night to day would not be shrouded in such a halo of amazement if it were not for the wonderful framing and, without exception, of a first-class acting performance; After all, the cast members had a whole host of opportunities to show off in sequences based on theatrical convention or use the advantages of road cinema. Hamaguchi carefully studies the anatomy of interpersonal relationships, later introducing them to the collision course with the art world. Once, in Hiroshima, the roar of the ugliest weapon of civilization was heard. Today they are somewhat hidden words and all that was contained between them. To paraphrase Chekhov: There was a time when we suffered, cried and felt bitter. Now, however, we can see the “bright, good and beautiful life” and rest. It is a good thing that we can spend a “long series of days and drag evenings” waiting for us, finding comfort in works such as driving my car. Without them, our “hour” would probably be closer. Oppo - New Horizons 2021

driving my car

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