Do you remember Grycanki?  Marta Gerikan and her daughters disappeared from the media as soon as they appeared.  They got a specific warning

Marta Grycan is the daughter-in-law of ice magnate Zbigniew Grycan, the creator of “Grycan”. Ajyal Ice Cream” and “Zilona pudka”. She has attended many parties and walls, but was already noticed by the media when she started appearing in public with her two daughters Victoria and Veronica.

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What’s going on with Grycanki?

For several years, “Grycanki” has been on everyone’s lips and aroused a lot of emotions. Victoria started her modeling career. Her mother had her own cooking show on TLC and published three books. Only Veronica remained aloof. Marta Gerikan admitted at the time in an interview with “Gala”:

Weronika is not interested in gossip, fashion shows and parties. She lives in her own world She has found a soul mate in Victoria and it would be a mistake to force her home.

Unfortunately, fame has been associated with hate. The files of Marta and her daughters were full of unpleasant comments. Apparently, the father-in-law and celebrity grandfather, Zbigniew Grycan, read it. It was he who decided that the dubious fame of “Polish Kardashian” was harmful to his name, which had a negative impact on the interests of the company. Supposedly, he put Marta in a situation: either to be removed from the background or removed from his will.

As a result, “Grycanki disappeared from the media in 2016. They stopped being active on social networks and their profiles became private. Defeats also contributed to their decline. Marta Grycan’s sweets fell into debt, the cooking program and books did not work out.

As it turns out, Grycanki live their lives apart from the flickers. Marta travels and takes pictures in exclusive hotels, limousines and fashions. Victoria and Veronica earn a living and do not intend to return to the life of a celebrity.

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Will we hear about them again?

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