The ground shook again in New York

Another aftershock in New York. “Just after midnight, the ground shook again on the east coast of the United States,” wrote RMF FM's American correspondent, Pawel Chochowski, just after midnight.

The aftershocks lasted several seconds. Local authorities say: “Residents are advised to stay home and call 911 in case of infection.”

These are the upcoming shocks that this region will witness during the last hours. According to the United States Geological Survey (USGS), the previous earthquake occurred at 10.23 local time (4.23 pm Polish time). The tremors were felt in East Coast cities from Philadelphia to Boston. Several airports on the East Coast have announced landing bans. Air traffic was temporarily suspended.

Continued article below the video

Sirens sounded in New York City. Smartphone alerts appeared. The NYPD announced that there are no reports of damage at this time. “Although there are no reports of serious consequences at this time, we are still assessing the impact,” Fabian Levy, spokesman for Mayor Eric Adams, wrote on social media.

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