Queen Elizabeth II.  What happens after the death of the queen?  Operation unicorn.  Today it all begins

Leaks about Operation London Bridge – plans for action in the event of the Queen’s death – have been reaching the public for years. After the departure of Elizabeth II, it is time to carry out the “Operation Unicorn” prepared in the event of the Queen’s death at her residence in Scotland.

There were various plans to act after the death of the British monarch. “Operation Overstudy” was a plan in the event of Elizabeth II’s death abroad. Since the Queen spends several months at Balmoral Castle each year, a plan has also been drawn up in the event of her death in her Scottish residence.

“Operation Unicorn” – What do you suppose

“Operation Unicorn” explains how the body The Queen who passed away on Thursday He will be transferred from Balmoral to London. According to ABC News, “The body is expected to be transported from Balmoral to the nearby town of Aberdeen on Friday,” and then the coffin will be on display at Holyrood Palace in Edinburgh for a day.

Elizabeth II passed away on Thursday, September 8TOLGA AKMEN / PAP / EPA

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Later, the sarcophagus with the body of the Queen was likely to be carried in procession along the Royal Mile to St Edinburgh. Giles. Then it will be transferred to London by Royal TrainThousands of people will be able to honor the deceased king at the Palace of Westminster. The train will travel from Edinburgh Waverley station to St Pancras in London.

When the unicorn operation stops

On each platform of the road, personnel of the armed forces and rescue services will be on guard of honor. As the Guardian said, “Railroad crossings, bridges and dams are expected to be so covered in flowers that rail officials are planning to send a sweeping train to clear and arrange the tracks behind.” Air defense for the road will be provided by the RAF.

Flowers at Buckingham Palace gatePAP / EPA / NEIL HALL

“Operation Unicorn” will end when the coffin with the Queen’s body crosses the border Scotland Then the London Bridge operation will begin. The content of the secret plans was leaked in 2019, when the minutes of the Scottish Parliament’s Steering Group meeting were published on the Parliament’s Senior Staff Forum.

Balmoral, like Sandringham, is the Queen’s private residence, not a state-owned royal residence. Elizabeth II traditionally spent most of the summer in her Scottish estate, and her family members stayed there from July to September and October.

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Main image source: TOLGA AKMEN / PAP / EPA

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