The Germans are looking for the lighthouse keeper.  More than 1,000 applications were received, including from Poland

The deadline for applications was Sunday. – He's really crazy. We were surprised by the number of requests we received. Rika Bewen, representative of the mayor of Wangerug, confirmed in an interview with the German News Agency (DPA) that only 1,200 people live on the island in Lower Saxony, and in recent weeks we have received almost the same number of reports.

Applications were to come from different parts of the world, including: from Poland or the Czech Republic. The island's administration will have a lot of work to do in the coming days. The Town Hall employs only 12 people, of whom only one deals with personnel matters. However, officials declare that he will receive appropriate support.

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The lighthouse keeper must be physically fit

The mayor's representative confirms that the whole process will take some time. -We are still in the first stage and we are reviewing the conclusions. However, we assume that after Easter we will start talks with the candidates, this was confirmed by Rika Bewen in an interview with Bild.

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