January 27, 2023


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The amazing solar eclipse on Mars.  "All the beauty of astronomy"

The amazing solar eclipse on Mars. “All the beauty of astronomy”

NASA has released new and more interesting images directly from the surface of Mars. We can see the direct passage of the largest moon on the planet, i.e. Phobos, through the face of our star today. It happened on April 2, but only now the data has been sent back to Earth by the device. This phenomenon has been immortalized by the Mastcam-Z left camera.

Regardless of the fact that Solar eclipse on the red planet Perhaps it does not look as amazing as it is on Earth, because it is only partially, due to the small dimensions of the objects, but the small irregular moons that pass through the disk of the Sun look really extraordinary. You can judge it for yourself thanks to the posted photo.

Astronomers do not know exactly where the moons of Mars came from. One theory is that It comes from the asteroid belt The planet took over it billions of years ago. The second is less likely and claims to be fragments of Mars.

The solar eclipse by Phobos, recorded by the Persevering Rover, lasted for only tens of seconds. Although rovers have been exploring Mars for more than 15 years, they have been doing so solar eclipse pictures We never got the chance to watch from the perspective that perseverance gave us. Until now, the images were brimming with huge pixels and low resolution. It is beautiful now.

On the occasion of the moons of Mars, it should be noted here that according to the analyzes made on Mars, everything indicates that Phobos, the largest moon on the planet, will cease to exist in the future. Then Mars turns into Lord of the ringsAlmost like Saturn. The tidal forces of this planet have a profound effect on Phobos, which gravitates about 2 meters by 100 years and extends in all directions.

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