Business Zone is the best movie of the year

Hoss looks after his subordinates with stoic calm while ash falls on him from the camp's chimneys. The gardener fertilizes the soil with the ashes of Nazi victims, not caring about the Nazis shooting a child next to him for “stealing” an apple. This prosaic, even idealized, gray everyday life exaggerates the horror of the Holocaust. Therefore, viewing the Business District cannot be considered an easy experience. It is a difficult film, full of contradictions, heavy and overwhelming. In it we follow a man with whom we cannot feel sympathy at any moment. Even when he confesses his love for dogs, he makes us feel anxious and disgusted.

“Business Zone” is a cold, analytical and therefore provocative film. Łukasz Żal's camera rarely allows itself to get close to the events shown, making us watch them from a distance. Don't want to disturb the presenting poet? He's somewhat afraid of her, and maybe even a little disgusted by her, which is why he tries to keep himself (and us) at a distance. And only Mica Levi's moving music can subdue the horror of all the integrity we have to deal with.

However, there is some light in “You'll See the Interest”. If viewed negatively, the scenes of the girl hiding apples for the camp prisoners become a symbol of hope and human warmth. It turns out to be another counterpoint to the actual narrative. It aims to highlight the brutality of the real world. Because it is a film about violence without violence. Although set in a specific place and time, this stubborn image of professionals building a paradise in the middle of hell becomes painfully universal. More modern than we would like.

“Business District” is now in theaters.

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