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Although everything indicates that Elipita and Marek will create a happy relationship together, the final version of the eighth edition of the program “The farmer is looking for a wife” dispelled all doubts. The farmer parted with the 65-year-old in an atmosphere of scandal and commented on his behavior in several interviews. Did the candidate respond to his former partner?

“The farmer is looking for a wife 8”. Alebita and Marek separated. He was nervous in the last episode

Over ten days ago, the finale was shown on TVP Episode of the eighth episode of the farmer’s program looking for a wife. Marta Manowska met the participants two months later to see if they had managed to form happy relationships. was one of the participants Elżbieta CzabatorWho found happiness next to her in the last episodes of the show 65-year-old Marek. Although everything indicated that the couple would spend happy moments together, it was so The finale of “The Farmer…” revealed the backstage of their relationship.

At the beginning of the confrontation with Marek, Elizabeth admitted it Their relationship is definitely overand farms He no longer wanted to know who he had chosen. She has repeatedly noted that the 65-year-old has completely changed after the television cameras left her farm. Then Marek was revealing his completely different face, which did not make a good impression on Elizabeth. In response to a question from the man about the reasons for her separation, she quoted what her chosen candidate had said about her:

You have a teenage body but you have Botox on your face.

We can’t give ourselves a chance. […] There are many reasons why we can’t be together. The reasons are so embarrassing that I can’t tell about them in vision […] – She added.

Yapita did not hide in interviews with colorful gates that In her opinion, Marek was only looking for a new place to live, not love. The woman did not hide that heartbreak hurt her very much. For this reason, I decided so Selling his property in KonskyThat appeared in a real estate broker’s show.

It’s time to shut down your past and try to create something in a smaller space – I explained to the fans of the program.

Elżbieta from The Farmer… Hit Marek again

Elżbieta Czabator decided to return to the unpleasant moments and talk about them in an interview with the journalists of the newspaper “Na Żywo”. I mentioned it Recording the last episode was a very difficult experience for herBecause the confrontation with her ex-partner, which turned out to be a mistake in her life, provoked a lot of negative emotions in her.

I was very scared about the last meeting with Marek and was very touched by the fact that we had to sit next to each other during the recording of the last episode – She said “Live”.

Participation in the program “The farmer is looking for a wife” again He mentioned how the 65-year-old treated her after the cameras left her farm. The farmer believes that Marek had a grudge against the fact that he wanted to help others. As I mentioned it After two weeks of moving in, their feeling completely disappeared, and her chosen one devoted himself only to lying on the sofa with a phone in hand.

He had a grudge against helping others. […] I just sat on the sofa with the phone. After two weeks, I learned that each of us lives separately. And it was annoying me too – She added.

Elżbieta Czabator had a hard time breaking up with Marek. After the painful end of the relationship, the woman is now unable to enter into any new acquaintances. At least in the near future. She also abandoned her long-planned thoughts.

I need to recover. Fortunately, I have the support of my children and my two nominees, Stanislaw and Ryszard. I will not realize my idea of ​​opening agrotourism. I am preparing to start a new life, but somewhere else. And I have no contact with Marek nor will I have any contact – She finished.

Marek from the program “The Farmer is Looking for a Wife” has not yet touched upon the woman’s words. He has not yet faced her statements in an interview with reporters. Perhaps after another interview about a tumultuous separation from the set of the program, he will decide to do it.

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