David Leach in Express train It takes a famous Japanese book of the same title, written by Kotaro Isaaka. The creator feels at home in this way. He is enjoying a crazy action movie that features ingenious fighting designs and many explosions and shooting. And so in the movie we meet Ladybug, a dirty work specialist, who has some mental issues and returns to his profession after a hiatus. He receives a seemingly very simple task. He will get a bag with a mysterious package, which is on a high-speed train from Tokyo. The problem comes when the ladybird’s bounty gets mixed up with the targets of the other killers. Over time, we realize that not everyone will make it to the last stop in one piece.

Let’s face it, the plot is not the strongest point of the movie. The concept itself is by no means original. Although the plot is complex, it’s actually pretty easy to predict where the story is headed, along with any (perhaps with a few exceptions) twists and turns. Fortunately, the characters are well written. Fast and fun dialogues let the killers on the train drive the action, not dynamic sequences or plots. Of particular note is the connection between dirty business specialists with fruit nicknames. The duo Mandarynka and Lemon have a chance to enter pop culture permanently. It is even better when a ladybird mingles in a plot. Their relationship is a strong point in the story and becomes something of a toxic friendship.

It wouldn’t be a David Leitch movie if it didn’t have so many amazing combat choreographies. I must confess that the Creator is again doing his job perfectly. Hand-to-hand combat is so genius – we’ve got some really cool choreography. My favorite is between Lemon and Ladybug in the wagon, which should remain quiet. In fact, they are all very interesting and provide pure entertainment. After this video, your presentation of sushi sticks is different! It’s a pity that the other action scenes didn’t focus on more hands-on effects. It would have made a much better impression. The epilogue made great use of CGI, which at times spoiled the fun of watching a well-made scene.

I have to admit, the cast was a perfect match! Brad Pitt He ideally found himself in the role of a traumatized, even paranoid killer. The actor mentions his comedic skills and presents the protagonist’s flaws in an interesting way. Aaron Taylor Johnson And the Brian Terry Henry It’s great that they played the killer duo Mandarynka-Lemon. It was very nice to watch the gentlemen throw at each other funny and wonderful phrases. Follow their cartoon story Thomas and friends It will take on a whole new meaning. She also works great in her role joey king. To date, the actress has been associated with roles in teen romantic comedies (with a very good exception in the form of verb). On the other hand, in Leitch’s movie, he works admirably in diabolical creativity, at times hyper-colored and exaggerated. You can see that he totally enjoys his personality.

Express train It is a very good summer movie that offers crazy entertainment. The third act spoils the impression a little, but you can turn a blind eye to it.

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Express train

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