Have you ever fallen asleep while watching a movie?  Scientists have a solution

Wanting to stare while watching a movie It can be fatal. A slower, less exciting scene that could easily turn into a final credit that will be the first thing you see when you wake up. An hour or two has passed, and we have no idea what year it is or what our name is. We only know again the desire to watch a movie in the evening It ended in failure.

Even worse, watching the sleep attack in the cinema. Well, maybe the exact movie came out Dull and crumpledBut we paid money for it. This means that we must suffer, but still hold out to the end. Watch, tag, forget. Well, how are we going to be in the company, when we end up with our opinion during a huge discussion “I don’t know, I didn’t watch, I fell asleep”? Scientists have a handful of valuable advice for us on this matter.

Show a movie at homeAnd cinema, may be associated with delicious food. There are several ways – An array of fast food, delivery dishes, dinner before the movie or popcorn during the movie. But that doesn’t help the end of the vantage point, because a full stomach is a sign to our body that it has come Spare time.

But that doesn’t mean we have to start the movie with bouts of hunger. It’s rather about maintaining healthy moderation so our eyelids don’t have to roll Uneven struggle with gravity. After all, we know very well that foods full of fat do not necessarily correspond to the dose of energy needed to maintain attention and focus.

The day we will watch a movie It’s worth starting when you’re comfortable. The recipe for this is very simple, you need to fall asleep. It seems obvious, yet many of us still suffer from sleep deprivation. There is always something to do and there are so many activities, games and books around us. As a result, our body seeks rest, Even in the movie theatre.

This is actually not a bad place. Most of them are equipped with comfortable armchairs, and we don’t have to do anything but sit there, the solution is dark … Just add the pleasant sounds of a quiet movie to this puzzle, and we will give ourselves completely to the embrace of Morpheus. There are no clever tricks to it, except for one – You need to get some sleep.

This primarily applies to home examinations, which are often carried out in less than ideal conditions. It’s all about comfort, which makes us fall asleep easily. We may feel powerful And we’ll easily get to the end of the movie. Unfortunately, the comfortable, soft and warm sofa has a different opinion.

Does this mean we should choose a chair that is hard and uncomfortable? According to the researchers, yes. On the other hand, it might not be a good option… Let’s definitely avoid our own bedroom. In this case, our opponent will not only be a soft bed, But also your mind.

The bed is a place associated with sleep – This is how the human mind works. No wonder lying on it makes falling asleep easier. Even if our goal is something completely different. Therefore, it is worth developing a place for recreation somewhere outside the area associated with rest and sleep. Our body will thank us for it in the long run.

A bunch of breweries or other liquors might look at us seductively from a store shelf, but they’re not the best companion for a movie marathon. I mean, it might be. Especially when we need apparent relaxation We don’t necessarily care about getting to the end of the session.

Alcoholic beverages are known for their narcotic effect. It’s not even about hurting yourself. For some people, a little alcohol is enough to get a shot of alcohol with a comfortable sitting or lying position to make We’ll catch ourselves an unexpected nap.

If we happen to fall asleep occasionally at the movies or in front of the TV, it’s hard – and our body seems to need it. Especially at home, we don’t have to fight it. Oh, let him sleep. Even worse, when such bad situations are repeated.

Then our goal should be to contact the doctor. Who knows, maybe it’s a symptom of something more serious, and not just overwork in recent days? As the mechanics say, drive and watch—though in this case instead, sleep and watch on occasion. However, be careful with napping – it can raise your blood pressure!

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