Comfortable Ewa Verna Offers Pregnancy Curves and Jokes: 'Under the Jacket, Gacy Is My Unpaired' (Photo)

in early november Iowa oven announce it You are expecting a second child. The singer with her husband Martin Showbut She is already raising a two-year-old son, Arthur, so the boy will soon become an older brother. Although Varna is not one of those people who reports every detail of their private lives on the internet, lately she has been keen on posting pregnancy pictures.

Everything points to the fact that despite the blessed state Iowa oven He will not slow down. Soon after conveying the good news to the fans, the artist performed vocals at the Czech Golden Nightingale concert. The pregnant singer continues to appear at later concerts and is working on new music videos. Recently, she also praised Photo from Czech Talent Photography.

Varna resides in the Czech Republic on a daily basis, Recently, I went to Poland. On Thursday, the singer showed on Instagram a photo taken from behind the scenes of filming in Warsaw. The 28-year-old posed They are dressed in an elegant juicy orange suit. By the way, I revealed to the fans that Its design hides some secrets.

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When you’re supposed to be stylish, but under your jacket you have swimwear and maternity open pants – The singer joked.

Netizens appreciated Varna’s sense of humor and praised her for her remoteness in the comments. Many also praised the singer’s bright appearance.

perfect – Justyna Nagłowska wrote under the entry Ewa.

excellent; and large; I love you for your originality. She is beautiful. Where did you hear this? to be a “truck”; Love her. Iowa you are amazing. How familiar is this. We have trucks. I love after you (…) But you look beautiful in this pregnancy. Despite the loose pants – neat! – They wrote.

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Watch how Ewa the pregnant oven stands in the mirror.

What DMs do we get from celebrities?

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