Fuel prices will not go down for Christmas!  The government has not yet legally reduced the excise tax on diesel, gasoline and LPG

So far, nothing indicates that fuel prices will be lower than they were at Christmas. And let’s remember that the government has confirmed that starting from the 20th of next December, diesel, gasoline and LPG will be at reduced prices. So it must have been from Monday, but so far it is only known that there is no indication that it should be. There is still no appropriate law for this.

Fuel prices will not be lower

Experts and analysts who were surprised by such a turnover do not hide their surprises in this matter. Even when introducing fuel prices for next week, they had to make some adjustments. Although it should be written in principle that they did not take it into account at all, because there was no such need. Therefore, the prices offered are those that will be applied without discounts.

Because there is no question about those, since there is still no bill passed. The House is still in debate, but so far the fuel issue is still in the background. The press conference itself and the announcement of the idea will not contribute to the fact that we will pay less on diesel, gasoline and LPG.

Therefore, the question remains whether the government will deliver everything on time as promised. There is no doubt that the law will eventually be passed. This is a very important step in the fight against lowering inflation, which is very stressful for everyone. If it’s not December 20, then it looks like the next date will be January 1, 2022.

Prices of diesel fuel, gasoline, LPG

Fuel without major changes

For the week before the holidays, don’t expect any major changes. Fuel prices will remain at the same level today, and the movements will be slight, both up and down. However, it is worth paying attention to the fact that fuel has recently become cheaper. Unfortunately it cannot be seen at petrol stations.

These still hold the sums we see. More and more people think this is a preparation for the government cuts that are about to happen. All this to maintain the highest possible profit. And at the same time, forgive yourself the moment when the fuel was sold cheaper than it was bought.

Diesel fuel and gasoline fuel prices

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