The bailiff can now take most of your wages.  Important changes for debtors!

As of March 2024, debtors in Poland face significant changes in the field of bailiffs enforcement. The new regulations provide greater powers for bailiffs, which may significantly affect the financial situation of debtors. The increased possibility of wage garnishment is a result of increasing financial arrears and the need for more effective debt collection.

From March 2024, bailiffs gained greater powers to seize debtors' finances. The current restrictions on wage garnishment have been reviewed, which could lead to serious consequences for debtors. The new regulations provide for the possibility of seizing a larger portion of profits, which aims to recover debts more effectively by creditors.

One of the major changes that comes into effect in March 2024 is an increase in the amount free from seizure by the bailiff. The previous amount, which protected part of the debtor's wages, was changed in line with current economic indicators. The new regulations stipulate that the bailiff may seize up to 75% of the minimum wage. In practical terms, this means a greater risk of losing part of the debtors' income.

Another important change is the absence of a maximum period for seizure of the bank account by the bailiff. Current regulations do not specify the duration of the lien on funds, which means that debtors can remain uncertain about their financial situation. Now the bailiff has the right to withdraw money from the account until the debt is paid or an agreement is reached with the creditor.

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New regulations on the enforcement of bailiffs, which entered into force in March 2024, have brought significant changes for debtors in Poland. Increased powers of bailiffs, increased possibility of wage seizure and lack of time limit for seizure of bank accounts may significantly affect the financial situation of people in debt. In the face of these changes, responsible financial management and the search for alternative solutions to solve the debt problem have become important.

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