Donald Tusk in Sideless: We will introduce a bill that will reduce the value-added tax on gas to five percent

During the meeting, one of those present asked Donald Tusk Some questions, including about The last words of Radoslav Sikorsky about the division of Ukraine And German policy, which the former prime minister had to call a couple of years ago “a blessing for Ukraine.”

– These are the questions that are asked at all conferences of activists of the Law and Justice Party. These questions are formulated in such a way that they contain falsehood in the thesis. No, Radosław Sikorski did not reveal the conversation on the sidewalk in Sopot, because he told about a meeting attended by about 40 diplomats from the Polish and Russian sides. Putin did not suggest any division of Ukraine at that time, but only hinted that Ukraine consisted of different historical threads, and that Lwów was a Polish city. This showed his hesitant and disrespectful attitude towards Ukraine as such. As he wrote in his essays and essays, the PO leader answered.

He emphasized that he “hears political opponents in the comments Critical judgments towards Sikorsky“.

– I know his exact biography. He was probably the only young Pole who had the courage to go to Afghanistan when the Soviet Union was attacking that country. He had a real gun in his hand. At the time, many PiS leaders were behaving in ways they would rather forget. Jaroslav Kaczynski met a Russian agent a few years later. Nobody asked him this question. Is it really important that Sikorsky is sometimes temperamental, sometimes exaggerated, but usually says something delicate about what is happening in Poland and in the world? He recently talked about the fact that the Law and Justice party government acted ambiguously on the eve of Russia’s attack on Ukraine. Why today no one from the official media will ask Kaczynski and Morawiecki this question that they have direct knowledge from the Americans that Russia is going to attack Ukraine, they organized meetings with the most pro-Russian politician in Warsaw, Morawiecki was in Madrid. And Tusk noted that such actions are a hundred times more important than the statements of a politician, even if he has an exuberant mood at times.

Sikorsky is the author of The Eastern Partnership, which opened the door to Europe for Ukraine. His merits in organizing the European Union around the interests of Ukraine cannot be overestimated. It was he who warned the Ukrainians that Russia was about to attack them. I have not heard that Kaczynski did this after he received this letter from the United States. But I saw him at meetings with politicians that were organized in Warsaw, – he added.

The mailbox leader confirmed that “It would be just as foolish to say that Patrick Jackie says things because Moscow wants to, just as it would be to accuse Sikorsky of doing so.”

Tusk also referred to his words about Germany.

– I did not say that the policy of this country is a blessing for Ukraine, only that the policy of the CDU at that time was a blessing – it straightened it out.

Referring to the German chancellor, the former prime minister emphasized: – Don’t put Schulz in my bag, he’s not my political family. When necessary, I went with Klitschko to meet him. Schultz told us clearly and unequivocally how much the Germans were undermining their own reputation by delaying aid to Ukraine.

in 2022 Daily purchases increased by an average of 19.1 percent. y/o – According to the latest report of the Research Analytics and Research Platform of Eastern European University. According to the economist from the University of WSB in Gdańsk, Anna Semerling, who has a Ph.D., the inflation peak should be expected at the turn of the first and second quarters of 2023.

He pointed to the high prices on store shelves as well as at petrol stations PO leader Donald Tusk.

– It’s very expensive in Poland, also because prices for petrol, gas or electricity have gone up unjustifiably, – he said.

announce it “We will present a simple and clear bill to the next session of Parliament so that the value-added tax on gas – at least until the end of this year – will be 5 percent.”. “I hope it brings some relief,” he added.

He indicated that he “would like to ask Prime Minister Morawiecki if he could go out to the people and talk about how he feels about this information that was released during the week.”

– Well, it turns out When he and his government assured the Poles that inflation would fall from six per cent, exactly at that time, he bought bonds, and invested a lot of his own money, which gives a good profit when there is high inflation. He earned 119,000 PLN for himself, despite inflation. This year, he will earn more than half a million zlotys, and by 2025 he will earn a total of two million zlotys. On inflation and rising prices – said Tusk.

He suggested that the Prime Minister donate the money earned thanks to the bonds to the Great Charity Christmas Orchestra. “I hope he gets it,” he added.

The former prime minister also referred to the Ravaco affair and the company’s dispute with Torun.

– I had to go to Ravako in Silesia, because it turned out that, for unknown reasons, this factory could collapse any day, just because Someone is playing with strange, mysterious games, and the authorities don’t want to come into contact with the families of Ravaco’s employees from Ratchiborz. confirmed.

Rivaco does not deserve to be conspired by state-owned companiesBecause it looks kind of like that. I don’t know who wants to make money on it… – continued to meet in Siedlce.

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