Addressed by a viewer, Richard Latentres responded on his live

In the heart of the Republican and Democratic primaries, Richard LaDentres criss-crossed America to try to provide better coverage of the event, but it didn't seem to be appreciated by all.

A viewer took the trouble to write to the host of the Environments show to criticize his work. He notes that he has been biased in interventions unfavorable to President Donald Trump.

The journalist and presenter decided to respond to this visitor by presenting the opinion on his show.

Watch the full episode in the video at the top of the page.

“After seeing LCN reporter Richard Latendresse's funeral face, we understood last night that Mr. Trump is still a force to be taken seriously. Poor Latendresse no doubt prayed for a miracle; Naive and gullible, he truly believes that the survival of democracy is at stake and that Joe Biden is its savior. China-style corruption, Russian-style corruption, American-style corruption. Crooked politicians on both sides of the Senate, a politicized and biased justice system. Press? Biased and dishonest, like China, like Russia,” we read in his opinion.

“My poor Micheline, you live in a dark and wicked world. Stop watching Fox News and listening to a former Republican President. Watch LCN instead,” quips the host of “Circumstances”.

“There are good people in politics, in the justice system and even in the media,” he continues.

On a more serious note, the host has been defending his job for the past few weeks.

“Whatever you understand, I am not biased. I definitely wanted political candidates who told the truth, didn't evade taxes, didn't disparage other candidates, were different than us, and respected women a little more. Candidates who propose a better future not just for themselves but for all. termination, [des candidats] If they lose, they will admit it and run again at the next opportunity,” the reporter in America underlines.

Richard LaDentres concludes by noting that he is not against President Donald Trump, because he makes journalism very important and entertaining.

“Between you and me, I have nothing against Trump. Instead, covering it as a journalist is like going to see clowns at the circus and getting paid extra for it. Whatever it is, I'm very happy that he's continuing,” he said.

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