Shortly after midnight, I tried to apply for a credit leave.  Be careful about that
  • On July 29, the Credit Leave Act officially entered into force
  • Submitting the application should not be difficult, as it will be supervised by, among other things, Yukic. The effects of office control are already visible
  • The easiest way to take advantage of credit leave is to complete the procedures online
  • In the case of the PKO BP bank, it takes literally a few minutes. You just need to pay attention to choosing the appropriate credit holidays and the period of suspension of installments
  • In the case of other banks, according to their representatives, it should be similar
  • In addition, a helpline will be launched at the Office of the Financial Ombudsman, through which anyone interested will be able to ask an expert or report a problem.
  • More such information can be found on the home page of
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