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Stanislav Bortkiewicz was one of the closest collaborators of the former head of TVP, Jacek Korski. He worked at the company from February 2016 to October 2022, managing the administration office, which later became the corporate affairs office. He lost his position after changes in TVP, when Mateusz Matyszkowicz became the new president. However, he did not leave the company, but rather became an advisor to the board of directors. In a new position in 2023. Bortkiewicz received approximately 1 million Polish zlotys.

TVP management viewed Bortkiewicz's career favorably. In October 2022, he became president of Polska Press. He also served as an advisor to the Orlen Board of Directors. This was possible because he “applied to TVP SA for an exemption from the ban on competition during the business relationship,” and the company’s board of directors approved this.

On April 1, 2021, April Fool's Day, the appointment of the new head of the Polish press was announced. Pro-government journalist Dorota Kania. Previously, among others, editor-in-chief of Telewizja Republika and co-author of the book series “Resortowe Dzieci”.

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