The actors’ strike has ended.  What are the films that go back to photography?
After 118 days, the Hollywood actors’ strike has ended (here, more information about the agreement between the studios and SAG-AFTRA). Although this does not mean that new productions will begin today, many films and series were filmed before the strike but have not yet been completed. Those that got stuck during shooting can be created again. On which projects will cameras be rolling again?

Which projects whose filming was interrupted are returning to set after the actors’ strike?

Hollywood studios were preparing to resume filming as soon as possible. Next year’s premieres are scheduled to return this week or in the near future:

Deadpool 3 “It’s about 50% done, and according to Deadline, the film won’t be ready for its May premiere, so it’s expected that ‘Captain America: Brave New World” to that date, giving “Deadpool” the opening weekend of July 26

Gladiator 2 – The premiere is scheduled for November 22

Beetlejuice 2 – There are two days of filming remaining, and the premiere is scheduled for September 6

Juror No. 2 – About two weeks of filming remain, and no release date has been set

Poison 3 – The premiere is scheduled for November 8

And it ends with us – The premiere is scheduled for February 9

Untitled Apple movie Formula 1 starring Brad Pitt -No release date

This is not the end of the changes to the premiere calendar. Will we have a movie summer of 2024?

Despite the quick resumption of most productions, studios are ready to make more changes to the premiere calendar. The priority remains to deliver as many films as possible in time to fill the calendar with major releases.

Spectacles that will hit screens in 2025 are also waiting to be photographed. At the beginning of the year he will start creating it.”you can see 3“,”Maine Craft“,”Mortal Kombat 2” I “Good fortune(Aziz Ansari’s film starring Seth Rogen and Keanu Reeves).

Among the upcoming superhero shows, the stars will also appear on set in March.Superman: LegacyFrom DC (Premiere: June 11, 2025). The creators will also return to voice recordings.Spider-Man: Beyond the Spider-VerseHowever, we should see the animation next year.

Trailer for “Spider-Man: Across the Multiverse”

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