Zac Efron talks about his transformation and role in “Brothers of Steel”

The most dramatic cinematic transformations recorded in history are those of Christian Bale and Joaquin Phoenix, who lost and gained weight in subsequent roles, and as a result their physical images underwent a total transformation, and this process was part of “stepping into the shoes” of the characters. These films include “American “Psycho”, “The Fighter”, “The Mechanic” with Bale, “Joker” and “Because He's Afraid” with Phoenix. Every time, this kind of transformation heats up the Internet and captures the attention of the audience. And it is no different in the case of Zac Efron, who The process of appearing as award-winning wrestler Kevin Von Erich became an acting challenge for him.

Kevin Von Erich belongs to the famous clan of wrestlers that revolutionized this discipline in the 70s and 80s. He has had many successes in the ring with his brothers, and he himself can boast of winning the title of Texas Heavyweight Champion. Playing the role of a powerful, athletically built wrestler who weighs over 100 kg was definitely a challenge. Additionally, Efron was responsible for an authoritative portrayal of a man whose legend lives on. The second, no less important aspect is conveying Kevin's sensitivity and family commitment. These features were of particular interest to the director:

– says Dworkin.

New Movie

“Brothers of Steel”, a still from the film

The physical transformation was not limited only to becoming like the character played by Efron, but above all, gaining strength that allows the actor to perform wrestling matches. Efron – like Allen White and Dickinson – recreated all the fight scenes himself under the watchful eye of Chavo Jr. Guerrero, the wrestling consultant on set.

– Efron said.

"Steel brothers"a frame from the movie New Movie

“Brothers of Steel”, a still from the film

As with fact-based stories, the most interesting aspect is often the proximity of what appears on screen to the truth. No wonder all eyes were on the real Kevin Von Erich at the film's Dallas premiere. – This is the role for him. The wrestler admitted that he suits her like no one else. Efron himself stated that Von Erich's confession was one of the most satisfying moments of his life.

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