The end of Polish mail?  The Ministry of Assets will decide the fate of the company

General meeting of shareholders of Poczta Polska

According to Gazeta Brauna’s informal findings, a general meeting of Poczta Polska shareholders is scheduled to be held in the coming days, which will decide its future fate. In the case of a company, the only shareholder is the state treasury, represented by the Minister of State Property.

The purpose of the general meeting of shareholders of Poczta Polska will be to adopt a decision on the continued existence of the national postal operator. The need to make such a decision results from the provisions of the Commercial Companies Act, to which Poczta Polska is subject as a joint-stock company.– We heard from our interlocutors.

The critical situation of Boczta Polska

The critical situation of Poczta Polska requires a decision of the Ministry of Assets. As we decided informally, the decision to hold the General Assembly was taken due to the company’s millions in losses. “sThe loss inherited by the current Board of Directors from its predecessors amounts to hundreds of millions of zlotys and requires an urgent transformation of the company. Failure to take immediate corrective action could bring the post office close to bankruptcy..

Warning strike for postal workers on Thursday

Poczta Polska trade unions have planned a two-hour meeting next Thursday, May 16, 2024 He hits warning.We are fighting for our wages and our jobs. 80 percent of us have a basic salary for a full-time employment contract of PLN 4,023 (i.e. less than the minimum wage in Poland)” – we read on the website of the Postal Workers Union (ZZPP). At the same time, information provided to Gazeta Brauna shows that the demands of the unionists will cost the company more than 1 billion Polish zlotys annually: Despite the Post Office’s huge financial problems, several labor unions have announced a warning strike in the coming days, demanding significant salary increases for tens of thousands of employees. Meeting wage demand will cost the company more than PLN 1 billion annually..

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