Allegro InPost Paczkomaty increases how to place an order

The increase will take place at the end of November – InPost President Rafael Brzoska announced in a conference call with analysts on Thursday. He added that there are talks on this topic between InPost and Allegro It is still ongoing and conducted in a “friendly” atmosphere.

These are the amounts paid by Allegro to InPost under the contract for the delivery of User Purchases. The two companies have been cooperating in this field for many years, and the current 7-year agreement was concluded in the fall of 2020.

InPost delivers parcels from Allegro to parcel lockers and via couriers, also for Allegro Smart users! As we have already reported, at the beginning of November it introduced another option – delivery to its PaczkoPunkt points.

The previous increase under the contract, of 12%, was provided by InPost at the beginning of November last year. Rafael Brzoska then explained that the agreement assumed “a price index every year, at the same time, i.e. at the beginning of November, based on two indicators: inflation and increasing salary costs.”

– Let me remind you that for 2 years, and also as part of this 7-year contract, Allegro avoided this increase, although the rest of the market saw price increases. InPost also raised prices for its direct customers (for courier and package deliveries): twice last spring. And in March of this year

In the third quarter of this year, InPost Group increased its revenue year-on-year by 22%. to PLN 2.067 billion, and adjusted EBITDA increased from PLN 1.37 billion to PLN 1.89 billion. At the end of September, the company had 32,934 parcel lockers, of which 22,227 were in Poland.

More expensive Allegro Smart!, sellers pay more

Allegro transfers part of the markups offered by logistics operators to sellers and buyers. In November, the annual edition of Allegro Smart! The price increased from PLN 49 to PLN 59.90, and Allegro Smart Student! – From 39 PLN to 49.90 PLN, at the same time the minimum value of one-time purchases from one seller for whom this service is available has been increased. In mid-October, the Allegro Smart monthly subscription fee will be charged! Increased by PLN 4 to PLN 14.99. At the same time, Allegro has increased seller prices for delivery of purchases outside of Allegro Smart! And parcel lockers inside SMART!

Allegro Group, which, in addition to Allegro, includes, among others, eBilet and Ceneo and was acquired last spring. Mall Group and WE|DO, in the second quarter of this year. With an increase in revenues of 8.5%. to PLN 2.4 billion resulted in improved net profitability from a loss of PLN 63.5 million to a profit of PLN 119 million.

In the last quarter, 18.5 million users made purchases on Allegro Group platforms, an increase of 36.6 percent. More than a year ago. In Poland, the number of active buyers increased from 13.6 to 14.3 million, in addition to 4.3 million abroad. The total value of products sold reached PLN 14.23 billion (up 10.3% year-on-year), and for each buyer – PLN 3.03 thousand. Zloty.

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