Director and publicist Nikita Mikhalkov in the hospital.  “His condition is serious”

Nikita Mikhalkov, director and one of the most famous pro-Putin publicists, is in the hospital. “His condition is serious,” says Baza.

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The 77-year-old filmmaker was due to be hospitalized due to severe symptoms of COVID-19. In turn, the TASS agency reported that Mikhalkov is hospitalized with severe flu.

Mikhalkov He is one of the most famous Russian directors. In 1994, he won an Academy Award for Burnt by the Sun.

For years, he has been an ardent supporter of Vladimir Putin. In 2014, he supported the annexation of Crimea.

After the start of large-scale Russian aggression against Ukraine in 2022, he supported the Kremlin’s policy, presenting the conflict as a war started by the West against Russian civilization.

He accused Ukraine of working on biological weapons, which, according to him, will then be transported to the territory of the Russian Federation with the help of infected birds.

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