This is how the places where the film “Sami swoi” about Kargul and Pawlak were shot look like.  It’s worth a visit in May.  the pictures [23.04.2023]

These are the places where the comedy movie “Sami swoi” about Kargul and Pawlak was shot. The movie about the adventures of Kargul and Pawlak was shot 56 years ago. Now a prequel to the legendary film is being made with Zbigniew Zamachowski and Mirosław Baka in the main roles. See what the places where “Sami soi” was made in 1967 look like today. Then Waklow Kowalski and Stanislaw Haikza played the heads of the warring families.

Sławomir Szeliga with his wife Agnieszka and son Kacper followed in the footsteps of the places where this cult film was shot. Inowrocław residents search for well-known locations from Polish films. So they went to Lower Silesia to better feel the atmosphere of the movie “Sami Sui”.

– The story of the fate of two quarreling Kreese families, whose fate after the war threw them into Lower Silesia, is known to almost everyone. The film was shot in Dobrzykowice Wrocławskie, where two houses still stand. The Kargul and Pawlak Museum has been established in Lubomierz. This city also “starred” in the movie. Hiking in Lower Silesia, we also decided to “go close to the fence” – summoned Słomir Želiga.

He emphasized that the houses in Dobrzykowice, on Szkolna Street, are not much different from a movie set, and in “Pawlaki” you can still admire the wooden balcony drowning in flowers.

– It’s the same one that Kaymirez Paflak’s mother stood on with a grenade in her hand when her son was leaving to test the cat. “The court is the court, and justice must be on our side,” Leonia Pavlak said. We did not find the current hosts – revealed Slawomir Szeliga.

– The grandson of the returner from all over the bugs told us the story of his grandparents’ movie and showed us around the habitat. We wandered into the yard where Cargole put out the cat bowls; We look at the window through which Anya and Zenek escaped, and at the door to the barn where the PGE harvester is hidden. In the memory room of the house were a machete and other tools as well as photographs from the period when Sylwester Chosinski and his team stayed there. Of course, “approaching the fence” aroused the most emotions … The heroes of the comedy were also awarded a monument in Dobrzykowice – said Slomer zeliga.

– The Kargul and Pawlak Museum has collected many memorabilia, including the gun from which the lock and soil from Krużewniki were fired. It is a magical place worth visiting on the tourist track. There, Kacper bought a replica of the movie’s bombshell, which greatly increased our sense of security. Humor too – which we wish all fans of Polish comedy – confirmed Slawomir Szeliga.

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