Test your Samsung smartphone yourself before purchasing!

You can now test Samsung smartphones yourself for a week before purchasing. The startup is coming with such a novelty that it is offering this option for two models – Galaxy Z Flip 5 and Galaxy Z Fold 5.

It seems that it will be this fall Samsung He began a campaign in which he willingly offered it to the Poles Tests your equipmentbefore purchasing it.

In October, we already wrote about Galaxy Watch 6 tests that anyone staying at the Puro Hotel in Warsaw and Poznań could take:

Spend the night with Samsung’s flagship watch. Unusual work in Poland

Today, the manufacturer is announcing another campaign, which this time will allow a much larger group of potential buyers to test the brand’s foldable smartphones before purchasing them.

Test Samsung foldable devices and get a discount on your purchase

Such a service – “Test before purchasing“- has just been launched In collaboration with Samsung startup Plenti, offers consumer electronics rentals. Thanks to that, we can rent smartphones to check their capabilities. Nowadays you can try out models this way Galaxy Flip 5 and Galaxy Fold 5.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 5GB/Ft. gsmManiaK

In the automotive market, a test drive before purchasing a new car from the showroom is standard. We want to take this standard to the electronic equipment market and make it possible [..] Test the best equipment models before deciding to purchase them. This type of collaboration allows manufacturers to more easily reach customers with new products.

– says Wojciech Rokosz, CEO of Plenti

Those who want to test smartphones should go to the manufacturer’s static showroom, where they will receive a code to rent the smartphone on the Plenti platform. The code allows you to rent equipment A week maximum. If we decide to make purchases after this time, we can also count on the discount.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 / Ft. gsmManiaK.pl

In collaboration with Plenti, we have introduced the possibility to test the device before purchasing it. Thanks to this, the customer can check how the Galaxy Z Flip 5 or Galaxy Z Fold 5 performs in daily use, and learn about all its unique functions. Your own experience is more valuable than the opinions of others.

– Adds Anna Orlika-Cubo, Retail Manager at Samsung Brand Stores

Check out the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 test:

Test Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5. Czy to najlepszy składak?

Source: Press release

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