Fortnite is preparing for a new season and supporting Ukraine.  The game will be free of construction and Epic will re-enter the game

Epic Games is preparing to launch the final season of Fortnite, but that’s not the only good news that the American publisher brings us today. The authors of Fortnite and Unreal Engine decided to support Ukraine with millions of dollars.

This Sunday is a very intense day for the Fortnite community. First of all, starting today, a new season, driven by war, begins in the biggest Battle-Royale on the market – which in light of current events is a very unfortunate choice on the part of Epic, but such decisions are known to be made several months before the implementation The game itself. In the season of resistance there will be some very important changes in the structure of the game, the fact that the creation mode will be discontinued – one of the most important features of the entire game.

In addition, Marvel heroes will be back in action, and this time Doctor Strange and Iron Man – both men and other heroes come to help our soldiers in Avengers: Endgame style.

Given the relatively poor choice of the theme of this season and the general nature of Epic Games’ activities, the company decided to take a very serious step and is organizing a major charity event. From March 20 to April 3, the American giant will donate 100% of the total revenue of Fortnite to Ukraine, which, given the average annual profit of $2.5 billion, can give about $96-100 million that Epic will donate to Ukraine.

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