The Sims 5 has already been cracked and cracked.  EA is expected to appear in a few years

Electronic Arts will have a really unusual problem. The Sims 5 closed tests began last week, and players have already started production with a minor break. The game was Spiracon a few years before its premiere.

Tom Henderson at Insider Gaming confirms the sudden situation – The Sims 5 tests began on October 25 and hackers managed to create an access token for the devono playtest, thanks to which anyone interested can access the game.

“These tokens will allow anyone to access the game without requiring any form of online access or EA approval.”

And so the Sims 5 game was broken a few years before its premiere, because according to official information, the electronics title is still in the early stages of development. Tom Henderson confirms that he witnessed the gameplay as hackers mined the current version of the game and transferred the title on P2P servers without having to connect to EA’s infrastructure.

According to the insider – the whole process was really easy, apparently because the Electronic Arts studio did not expect such a situation. The developers release the game without security and the title runs on the Unreal Engine, which helped tweak the gameplay.

EA has stated that The Sims 5 is being built on the Unreal Engine, but it has not been confirmed whether the game will eventually make it to the Unreal Engine 5.

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