Taylor Swift praised for donating to food banks

Taylor Swift was once again applauded by the crowd, this time for her social engagement.

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In fact, the singer donated a significant amount to the Arizona Food Bank Network last March.

His generosity was able to provide 18,000 kilograms of fresh fruits and vegetables to members of food banks, organization spokesperson Terry Schumacher confirmed to CNN, strengthening food assistance programs and providing access to especially deserving youth. Benefit from free or discounted meals at school.

“Taylor Swift’s donation has definitely helped, especially at a time when we’re seeing a surge in demand,” Ms Schumacher told CNN.

Since kicking off her Eras tour, Swift has decided to give back to the communities in the cities she visits.

Not only will Taylor Swift’s donations help food banks buy more food, but the publicity surrounding them will also raise awareness about food insecurity in the U.S., nonprofits say.

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