Isabelle Deschamps Plante will follow Ricardo on TV this fall: “I was overwhelmed by love”

If Isabelle Deschamps Plante had any doubts about the audience’s reaction to the idea of ​​her succeeding Ricardo in the animation of Radio-Canada’s morning cooking show, she was quickly reassured.

As soon as he published the information on social networks, on April 2, he once made an announcement on the set of his guide. Everyone is talking about it“I was overwhelmed with love,” she says in an interview Register.

Contributor to the program Ricardo Five years on the screen, Isabelle Deschamps Plante understood that Quebecers had already adopted her.

“People close to me are happy, I understand that, but it touched me that people thought Ricardo made the right choice. I cried for an hour reading the news. I couldn’t believe the faith people had in me,” he said.

“Ricciardo is a legend”

Since September, a former double finalist and current member of the cooking competition jury Principals! He hosts a three-times-a-week cooking show, which he says greatly respects the formula that has led to success Ricardo 21 Years: Offering Easy-to-Make Recipes

Associates Marie-Eve Charon and Elisa Prevost will be at his side.

His yet-to-be-titled show will be part of the sequel, as he often repeats in interviews, “We can’t replace Ricardo.”

“Ricciardo is a legend. No one in Quebec could walk into people’s homes with a daily newspaper for 21 years. Everything he rode was irreplaceable [sa femme] Bridget. It is an empire. For my part, I will start with my first show, let’s see (laughs). I will relish my opportunity to be there.

Isabelle Deschamps Plante has begun preparations for the premiere of her television show this fall.

Photo by Pierre-Paul Poulin

Isabelle Deschamps Plante has begun preparations for the premiere of her television show this fall.

Reverse roles

If he quits animation, Ricardo won’t be far from the kitchen. He will be the producer of Isabelle’s show and the latter’s coach.

In the “roles are reversed” segment, we’ll even continue to see him as a collaborator. “Every week, he comes in and shows off his inventions, recipes, favorites,” the host enthuses.

Filming will begin in mid-August with a September first broadcast in mind. Isabelle Deschamps Plante, who has been taking animation classes for two years, is excited.

“It’s surprising to me because I’m a stressed girl, but I can’t wait to start this project, to be with people, to show my cooking. I feel really good about it.

“In the fall, Ricardo brought up the point that he didn’t want to come back. When he asked me if I had any interest, I said yes without hesitation. People don’t know this, but since I’ve been working at Ricardo, I’ve also been a chef for the magazine. Mostly, the recipes that Ricardo publishes are mine. Its environment I know the system very well.

“I never thought I would host a TV show. By making judgments Principals!, I realized that this is my favorite part. The TV set looks like a kitchen. It’s very family friendly, the teams are close knit and you never know how the days will unfold.

“In TV, I love the educational side, sharing knowledge. I was already doing it with restaurant groups. Doing it on a large scale and reaching people in their homes, that drives me. I don’t want people to remember me on TV, but when they’re going to host the weekend. , I want to say: this is an Isa recipe.

“When you develop a recipe, sometimes it works the first time, but sometimes you have to repeat it 12-13-14 times. Like a cake, it has to be perfect. After that, someone tests the recipe, and if there are problems with the test, we revise it. Sometimes you have to do it again. Each recipe is foolproof and simple for the homebody to have a great process. It’s simple, but complex.

“There are so many new products and new trends. Food changes so much, it’s not that hard to reinvent yourself.

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