Huge wave of resignations among Harry and Meghan’s staff

Here are two who definitely won’t win the Employer of the Year award! The Dailymail London in its December 6 edition, 2018 onwards, 14 employeesArchwellThe nonprofit is run by Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle, the latter two of whom have stepped down in the past week.

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ManagerArchivewell AudioRebecca Chananes was also the executive producer of the podcast Archetypes Meghan Markle’s Abandoned Ship The daily insists that their chief operating officer and their public relations officer have also left the company. One can easily predict that working for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex is not pleasant. Also, the magazine notes GalaNetflix released a trailer for the documentary Harry and Meghan It was not well received upon its arrival on the streaming platform. Although the video has been viewed by more than 7.3 million internet users, it received 2,000 likes against more than 400,000 dislikes. A story to be continued… We see them here on December 6th during a charity evening in New York.

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