Trump: The monster is back!

In 1976, with his film CarrieFilmmaker Brian De Palma revolutionized horror cinema…

He found conclusion after conclusion.

As if the woman with the fire in her eye was thought to be dead and buried…

Almonds! His arm was sticking out of the ground!

Unfortunately, what was original and daring at the time (audiences screamed in theaters at every screening) has become a cliché.

It’s impossible to watch a horror movie without the monster we thought was dead starting to stir again.


A recent example: Trump.

Big Orange was stabbed in the heart in 2018 when he lost the House of Representatives.

He was machine-gunned during the presidential election on November 3, 2020.

He then switched to a flamethrower Middle Ages.

Now, who walked off the field on Tuesday?


He still smells burnt!

The Donald still wants to represent the Republican Party in the next election!

It remains to be seen if Republicans want to renew their pledge…

Because if there is one unforgiving thing in politics, it is failure.

Already, some of his supporters have started to exonerate him, saying that their former savior has crossed the line and that they have seen the light and what they learned during the commission of inquiry into the attack on the Capitol on January 6, 2021. They hated the role…

What hypocrisy, after all!

Because no one is fooled.

If Trump wins Middle AgesToday those who play virtuously and turn their backs on him will lick his boots with great licks…

Trump’s attacks on democracy are inexcusable.

It must have bitten the dust three times.

Nothing is worse than a tyrant who no longer oppresses anyone…


“When I’m done and bad in the street / My big audience, I can be / Others, younger, madder / To dance the cauldron”, sings Charlebois.

That’s what’s happening with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

The new Republican star may not be crazy (who could be crazier than Trump?), but he is younger.

32 years old.

Why send Joe Biden? Mummy.

That said, there is Trump and Trumpism.

Just because Michel Montignac died in 2012 doesn’t mean people stopped following his diet.

Even if the Republican Party gives him 4%, Trump will continue to be influential.

It could be worse.

Because this time, the monster in the White House will rise up, confront Congress and the Senate, and try their best to contain it.

But on the street.

Did Frankenstein scare you between 2017 and 2020?

You didn’t see anything: the monster left the lab, followed by thousands of cuckoo clocks armed to the teeth!

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