‘Tangled’: Will Baz Luhrmann (‘Elvis’) Direct a Live-Up Disney Animation?
Disney’s Rapunzel returns to the big screen, but this time in a live-action version. According to the latest rumors, Baz Luhrmann is the creator of films like “Elvis” and “Moulin Rouge”! Or Romeo and Juliet

Will Baz Luhrmann Remake It To Disney?

The fact that Disney is preparing a live-action remake of “Tangled” has been rumored for some time. Many fans would like to see Florence Pugh in the lead role, and Zachary Levi, who voiced Flynn in the original, has expressed interest in returning to the character.

Now reporter Daniel Rechtmann has shared a new rumor with the world: the journalist reports that the studio Disney wants Australian Baz Luhrmann to direct the Tangled remake. The director is known for his colorful titles, dancing and singing, so his candidacy is understandable. The only question is whether the rebellious creator will find himself within the framework imposed by the studio?

Luhrmann’s filmography includes “Rebel Dance” (1992), “Romeo and Juliet” (1996), “Moulin Rouge!” (2001), “Australia” (2008), “The Great Gatsby” (2013), and “Elvis” (2022).

“Tangled” – Trailer

“Tangled” – what is the theme of the Disney cartoon?

“Tangled” is a movie based on the famous fairy tale of the Brothers Grimm. Rapunzel lives in an unknown place, her hair has magical powers, and she dreams of exploring the world. Her ticket to freedom will be the charming rogue Flynn.

The film is directed by Nathan Greno and Byron Howard and written by Dan Fogelman. The main characters are voiced by Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi.

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