Polish Day at the US Open!  I healed you, Lynette and Fresh are playing in New York!

The last Grand Slam tournament in the tennis calendar, the US Open, kicks off today. Today three Polish women will be playing on the courts of New York – Magdalena Frisch, Iga Schwietek and Magda Linette. We invite you to live coverage of the white and red matches.

Magdalena Frisch (77) – Emma Navarro (57). Start at 17:00 Eja Schftek (1st) – Rebecca Peterson (86th). It starts at 18:00 Magda Linette (24) – Aleksandra Sasnovich (92). It starts at 21:00.

Ega Schfetek – Rebecca Peterson 1:0

Meanwhile, Iga Świątek has already started her career. The Polish woman defended her application and advanced 1:0

Magdalena Fresh – Emma Navarro 6:7 (10-12)

What a tie breaker! Fręch defended a total of 6 set pieces (including 4 in a row at 2:6) and won the set 12:10! What a return and perseverance of the Polish woman! Way to go!

I’ve Cured You – Rebecca Peterson

The tiebreaker between Magdalena Frisch and Emma Navarro is underway. Iga Świątek’s struggle with Rebecca Peterson would also begin soon. We will keep you posted on the progress of both meetings.

Magdalena Fresh – Emma Navarro 6:6

It’s 6:6 and we’re about to tiebreaker!

Magdalena Fresh – Emma Navarro 6:5

Easy game for Navarro. Poland must win now

Magdalena Fresh – Emma Navarro 5:5

Fręch defended the service and compensated for the losses! Navarro was leading at 30:15, but the Polish woman didn’t lose faith in herself and we equalized!

Magdalena Fresh – Emma Navarro 4:5

Poland does not give up. Navarro is broken! There is a chance of a draw

Magdalena Fresh – Emma Navarro 3:5

Navarro jumps away from Poland. A break and in a moment a chance to win the set for the American

Magdalena Fresh – Emma Navarro 3:4

Navarro quickly took a 0-40 lead, but Fresh didn’t give up and won four more balls! Despite the chance to break the match, it was not possible to win.

Magdalena Fresh – Emma Navarro 3:3

So far, the Pole has won 60 percent of balls on her first serve and only 17 percent on her second serve. Navarro, 47% and 56%, respectively.

Magdalena Fresh – Emma Navarro 3:3

Frisch’s first defensive pass in this game. Maybe the ladies have finally installed the service. Despite the draw, the Pole appears to be a little better at overtaking her opponent than she is at it

Magdalena Fresh – Emma Navarro 2:3

Until the fifth game we had to wait to win the first serve game in this match. True, Fresh had two break points again, but this time Navarro withstood pressure and pressure.

Magdalena Fresh – Emma Navarro 2:2

Something incredible please. This time it was Navarro who broke the Polish woman and won the match with a score of zero. The two ladies couldn’t find their serve today and we’ve got a huge mess on court in New York!

Magdalena Fresh – Emma Navarro 2:1

Fresh responds! Polka breaks Navarro win the match to zero! Riding!

Magdalena Fresh – Emma Navarro 1:1

Unfortunately, the joy of breaking was short-lived. And Navarro exhausted a break point when he sent the ball to the Polish woman and took advantage of the only opportunity in this match to equalise.

Magdalena Frisch – Emma Navarro 1:0

Fresh great start! The Polish advanced quickly 40:0 and used the second break point! We have our first break in this match!

Magdalena Frisch – Emma Navarro

The start of the match between Poland and America is about to start

Fresh will start the day for the White-Reds, who will face top-seeded American Emma Navarro

We warmly welcome you and invite you to view the transcript of the first day of the US Open Grand Slam. Today, let’s see three Polish women on the court: Magdalena Frisch, Iga Schwietek, and Madja Linette.

It is happening in Poland and in the world – read on i.pl

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