‘Girls from Dubai’: The controversial Worm movie set a record for 2021

Inspired by real events Dubai girls – as the creators emphasized – is to “expose the hypocrisy of Polish show business and reveal the whole truth about the so-called Dubai scandal”, in which celebrities and models, as well as many famous personalities from the world of politics, business and sports, take part. The picture hit theaters on November 26.

“Girls from Dubai”: a worm movie that achieves a record in attendance

Justyna Goździewska, representative of Kino Świat’s distributor, reported record attendance for the film. Inspired production of the opening weekend Peter Krysiak’s book has the same title 278 thousand 893 people saw.

This result puts “Girls from Dubai” on the podium among Polish films in 2021. So far, the Palm has had priority in this regard to a new film. “Pitbull” Patrick Vega, Which in the first weekend saw 227 thousand. 709 people.

“The resulting movie was not as bad as many expected, it was made efficiently, and at a great cost, as you can see, but it looks a lot like a music video. At some point, you want to switch to another channel”- Reviewed in Onet Kultura by Pawe Piotrowicz.

Dubai Girls: controversy

Long before the premieres, the movie caused a great deal of controversy. At one point it was said that the premiere would not take place. The producer and creative director were not accepted into post-production work. Emil Stobio, who is in charge of production, claimed that the film was finished. Duda opposed him, citing all the problems she thought the painting had.

Earlier, the author of the book protested against the film. – You had to listen to all those who said not to cooperate with Mr. Stubis. Commenting on this, of course, I did not want to listen to them. to Krysiak’s confusion Referred to in a conversation with Alan Rinkevich.

Due to a misunderstanding between Emil Stępień and Dorota Rabczewska while working on “Girls from Dubai”, Doda announced that she would not be present at the premiere. This turn of events did not satisfy the fans who They organized another premiere just for her.

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