People pull out the money, the Sekielski family is reassured: the movie will be made

Tomasz and Marek Sekielski have gained fame in recent years as Creators of documentaries devoted to pedophilia in the Church. The brothers promised that they planned to make two films – about credit unions and about John Paul II and pedophilia in the church. People have been paying them for these productions for a long time, but both documentaries have yet to be made. It is not trivial, as it amounts to about PLN 3 million.

Journalists do not meet promised deadlines, which is especially evident in the “Roots of Evil” project for credit unions. So the impatient fans pull back from funding more of the reporters’ activities. To date, the Sekielski brothers have been raising money for their projects using crowdfunding.

The Sekielski family rest assured: the film will be done

The creators themselves confirmed that “you will be able to watch a documentary about a multi-billion dollar financial scam in early 2020 and in 2021”. However, the promised date has long passed.

– Unfortunately, I cannot give the exact date of the premiere of the film about credit unions, we don’t know that yet, – said Marek Skelsky in an interview with Wirtualna Polska. However, he adds that the movie itself is not in jeopardy and we will definitely see a release date.

As he confirms, all the photos were actually taken. “We have a lot of interesting material that no one has shown yet. We will talk about things that no one has talked about before. But you have to wait a little while until then – today it is still in post-production – he confirms.

In addition, the journalist explains that the delays relate to objective and legal issues. Verifying information takes a lot of time and effort. I’m not hiding: There are also practical risks from which we want to protect ourselves – he says. This, in turn, means that every piece of information contained in the film must be carefully checked.

After the premiere of a movie about credit unions, brothers They plan to shoot a documentary about John Paul II.

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