May 29, 2023


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We know the approximate number and duration of “The Acolyte” episodes!

This year in addition to the third season The Mandalorian We still have the premiere Ahsoka with Rosary Dawson championship. In the next phase we will see the continuation of the well-known title again – Andorra – and a new series of live events star Wars. It will be set in the era of the Great Republic the assistantAbout the new information that just appeared.

as quoted directon Agency website According to one of the specialists working on the series, quite detailed data emerged on the structure of the season. according to them, the assistant It will consist of 8 episodes, each approximately 60 minutes long. The duration, of course, should be treated as an approximation, but it is certainly a definite determinant. direct It is noted that the data on the length of the episodes of other series is quite accurate, with a margin of error of about 5 minutes.

Of course, this is not official information. In addition to production the assistant It’s still a work in progress, so even if the series is created with the assumption of one-hour episodes, that time may still shrink in editing by the time of the premiere. However, it is an indication of what we can more or less expect.

the assistant It will be the first high-profile project star Wars Set in the period of the Great Republic. Thus the events of the series will take place long before the events of the prequel trilogy George Lucas, at a time known to readers of books and comics. The project is also set to embrace the unique perspective of Dark Side of the Force users. She is the presenter of the show and directed the first episode Leslie Headland According to rumors, he may be responsible for the rest of the episodes Kate Heron. Actors are included, among others Amandla Stenberg (hunger GamesAnd The hate you give), Lee Jung Jae (Squid game), Manny Jacinto (Nine perfect strangers), Daphne Keen (LoganAnd Dark materials), Judy Turner Smith (Queen and skinny), Dean Charles Chapman (1917) And Carrie Ann Moss (matrix).

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a few days ago Bob IgerCEO DisneyHe confirmed that the series will start in 2024.