Starfield has yet to debut and players are already gathering to fix bugs.  Fans want to "fix the bug"

Bethesda and Microsoft haven’t confirmed a Starfield release date, but the community doesn’t think the game could debut in good quality. It is for this reason that a group has been created that wants to deal with solving game problems that will arise after the premiere as quickly as possible.

Starfield was scheduled to debut in November, but Bethesda decided to move the position to next year. The creators are supposed to fix bugs and polish the game before the premiere, but the community does not believe that such a great title will be able to debut on the market without serious problems.

That is why the “Starfield Community Patch” group has been created, which is already preparing for action – The task of the Standing Committee on the Law of Patents will be “A collaborative effort by mod authors and the broader Starfield community to fix bugs, bugs, and other inconsistencies in the game.”.

There are a few months left until the production premiere, but the players have already decided to come together to eliminate the inconvenience as soon as possible on debut day and improve the mode that has been in development for years.

The Starfield Community Patch also wants to help mod developers, so authors can join the group – if those interested find bugs, SCP will be able to fix the issues ASAP.

SCP will take care of everything from removing game-breaking bugs to properly placing items.

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