June 4, 2023


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Activision Blizzard wins the lawsuit because the other side doesn't know the games

Activision Blizzard wins the lawsuit because the other side doesn’t know the games

As it turns out, in November 2021, Brooks Entertainment sued Activision Blizzard. It claimed that in the 2016 game “Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare” Activision Blizzard infringed the intellectual property of Brooks Entertainment, namely the “Save One Bank” and “Stock Picker” games, and also used the image of the owner of the company – Bishop Christopher Brooks.

The lawyers tried to prove that all three games contained “mall fights written in an elegant style”. In addition, they claimed that the main character – Sean Brooks – uses the image of the president of Brooks Entertainment. However, anyone who’s played Infinite Warfare – even for an hour and a half – knows that these claims have nothing to do with the truth.

First of all, the main character of the game is not Corporal Sean Brooks, but one of his team members, Captain Nick Reyes. In addition, the “written mall battle” takes place in Geneva in the distant future and Sean Brooks does not participate in it – the player is in control of Nick Reyes all the time.

In January 2022, Activision Blizzard attorneys petitioned Brooks Entertainment attorneys to withdraw the lawsuit, adding that if they did not do so, they would seek penalties under “Rule 11,” which includes fines for lawsuits that are “suspicious or improper, without substance or — as in this Case – Evidence that has not been factually substantiated.”

A court in July agreed to Activision Blizzard’s motion to dismiss the case and ordered Brooks Entertainment to pay compensation for its costs. Justifying the decision, the judge added that “the plaintiff’s attorney can easily be achieved [te] The facts before filing a lawsuit are baseless, as the court was able to easily verify in the first hour and a half.”

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