Surprise.  He defeated Zimerzlik in the second round of the IMP.  Dangerous accident for Janowski

The struggle in Krosno was exciting from the start and there were some sensations. One of them was the indisputable defeat of Bartosz Smárzlyk against Dominic Kubera. There were also dramatic scenes. In the last round, Maciej Janowski fell, who was taken to the hospital.

Watch the video news against the Barcelona goalkeeper. But he cut. No chance [WIDEO]

Bartosz Smárzlyk finished second in the Polish Individual Championships. Lost to a new friend in the club

Dominic Kubera, who represents Motor Lublin on a daily basis, has been doing well since the start of the competition in the main Monday stage of the competition. The 23-year-old won the most rounds and during the competition was a virtual runner-up in the general classification of the Polish championships. ROW Rybnik’s Grzegorz Zengota has also been doing well. Neither gorilla had a weaker moment in the first stage. Bartosz Zmarzlik, who had to fight for the finals in the supplement, looked a little worse.

He won the European Championship and thanked the Poles. Touching gesture in Munich

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In the end, the final race composition was as follows: Kubera, Zengota, Zmarzlik and Maciej Janowski. Unfortunately, due to the fall of the latter, the race had to be repeated, and the rider left the track in an ambulance and was taken to the hospital. According to the first reports of journalists, the rider sustained a thigh injury.

– It was a stupid fall, which should not have happened to Maciej Janowski – said Marek Celak, former jockey and coach.

Daria Bikolik with the ME medal.  The dramatic fall led to the final chaseDaria Bikolik with the ME medal. The dramatic fall led to the final chase

Dominic Kubera turned out to be the best in the final, giving Bartosz Smárzlyk no chances and outperforming his future teammate. Third place went to Grzegorz Zengota.


  1. Dominic Kubera (Motor Lublin) – 18 (3,3,2,3,3,3) +1 for most games won
  2. Bartosz Zmarzlik (My Bermuda Stal Gorzów) – 13 + 2 (3,2,1,2,3,2)
  3. Grzegorz Zengota (ROW Rybnik) – 14 (2,3,3,3,2,1)
  4. Maciej Janowski (Betard Sparta Wroc³aw) – 9 + 3 (2,3,1,0,3,in)
  5. Janusz Ko³odziej (Fogo Unia Leszno) – 12 + 1 (3,1,3,2,3)
  6. Kacper Woryna ( Wółkniarz Czêstochowa) – 10 + 0 (2,2,3,2,1)
  7. Krzysztof Buczkowski (Stelmet Falubaz Zielona Góra) – 8 (1,3,2,1,1)
  8. Przemys³aw Pawlicki (ZOOleszcz GKM Grudzi ± dz) – 7 (3,2,2,0,0)
  9. Patrick Dudek (For Nature’s Solution Apator Toruñ) – 7 (1,0,1,3,2)
  10. Jaros³aw Hampel (Motor Lublin) – 6 (1.0, in., 3.2)
  11. Bartosz Smecta ( W³ókniarz Czêstochowa) – 5 (0,0,3,1,1)
  12. Tobias Mocilac (Silfast Wilkie Krosno) – 5 (0,2,0,1,2)
  13. Rafai Karczmarz (Sylfast Wilkie Krosno) – 5 (0,1,2,1,1)
  14. Pawe³ Przedpe³ski (For Nature’s Solution Apator Toruñ) – 3 (1,0,0,2,0)
  15. Jakub Jamróg (Zdunek Wybrzeże Gdañsk) – 3 (2,1,0, d, 0)
  16. Mateusz Szczebaniak (Silfast Wilkie Krosno) – 2 (0,1,1, u, -)
  17. Kacper Szopa (Silfast Wilkie Krosno) – 0 (0.0)
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