Big changes in teleportation from League of Legends.  Will the talisman gain a lot of popularity?

The creators of League of Legends have introduced a huge change to one of the most popular summoner spells.

Teleport is one of the most popular summoner spells in League of Legends, which is mainly chosen by the top laners, which doesn’t mean that, say, middle lane players don’t choose it. Soon, it will likely be picked up a lot, and it’s all thanks to fixes that have already appeared on the test servers. How did the designers decide to polish the summoner spell?

LoL teleportation changes

Coming soon to live servers, update 13.10 will be the biggest update of the season yet. Players had a chance via the PBE to see what would be included in it (mid-season changes for 13.10 League of Legends updates. What do the improved items look like?).

One of the major fixes will affect Teleport. Some time ago, the spell was changed in such a way that it could only be used on towers until a certain point in the game. It then transforms into Unleashed Teleport, which allows you to teleport to any non-hero friendly sprite on the map.

This change will now take place in 10 minutes instead of 14 minutes as before. This will allow players who are primarily in the top lane to surprise their opponents early with strikes on the other side of the map, or help fight for a dragon, for example.

Currently, the Flash + Teleport combination is the second most popular, appearing in 18.9% of games, and is second only to Flash with Ignite, which is chosen by 27.6% of gamers.

Due to the changes to Teleport described above, which prevent you from teleporting to allies 14 minutes before a match, the ranked summoner spell has lost some of its popularity in favor of more direct benefits, such as the aforementioned Ignite, Ghost, and Cleanse. More often than not you can encounter them in professional games, where they are an essential element for starting battles in slightly later stages of the game.

The change has now reached the test servers. It is scheduled to appear on live servers on May 17, with update 13.10. The mod is really serious and it’s hard to say if the developers won’t pull it off yet.

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