Electric cars were ready 40 years ago.  Why did the project fail?  “Message arrived”

“Didaskalia” is a series of audio videos from Wirtualna Polska in which Patrycjusz Wyżga talks with his guests about the most important political, economic, social and scientific topics. The first episode premiered on March 11, 2023. To date, dozens of interviews have been published in the series. The channel “Didaskalia” on YouTube has collected more than 250 thousand views. Participants.

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NASA mogul reveals: We had two electric cars ready 40 years ago

One of the program's guests was Artur Chmielewski, a scientist who works at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in California as chief of space missions. When asked about his activity in the American Space Agency He mentioned, among other things, work on an electric car that had been carried out for 40 years. – It was a big disappointment, because one day a letter arrived saying “Thank you, you built a nice car, now please dismantle it” – WP guest revealed.

– I never knew what happened, but I have my suspicions. One of the major American companies may be afraid of this – Chmilevsky assumes. He added that in order to display the car at the exhibition in Los Angeles, NASA had to insure the car worth $8 million. The insurance company offered a fee of PLN 50,000 for its services. slot.

Chmelevsky also talked about Tesla cars in Ukraine, noting the advantages of electric cars owned by Elon Musk's company in the context of military operations. – In Ukraine, Tesla cars are used to transport many things, including weapons. He pointed out that the electric motor does not heat up, so the human body cannot be seen through the ceiling.

New episodes of Didascaglia are published every Sunday at 7pm. As part of the series, a mini-series entitled “Grey Didaskalia” was created that deals with national politics.

As the authors describe themselves, “The Didascalia is a side text that allows the reader to better understand the situational context of a particular event.” Patrycjusz Wyżga, in his conversations with his guests, discovers subsequent layers of complex problems, striving for a broader vision that allows a better understanding of the changes and processes occurring in the world.

All episodes can be found here.

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