Star Wars Outlaws in a new video;  Creators talk about planets
July 23, 2023, 15:27

author: Marcin “ReddoX” Przała

In Star Wars: Outlaws, in addition to the new massive planets, we’ll also visit familiar places and see familiar (though not entirely friendly) faces.

Image courtesy of Ubisoft Massive.


Developers Ubisoft Massive and Lucasfilm are revealing more and more cards about the upcoming Star Wars: Outlaws.

This time, on the occasion of the San Diego Comic-Con event, a “behind the scenes” material was released on the Web (see below), in which the developers talked more about the two planets that we will visit during the gameplay Outlaws. they:

  • The well-known Tatooine desert from the movies;
  • and the massive first appearance in the universe Tosher.

Game director Julian Geretti in an interview with the site IGN I admit it appearance Toshary is inspired by the savanna of East Africa. The planet itself is designed for the movement of the so-called. a speeder, the Star Wars variation on a motorcycle.

added Matt Martin, Lucasfilm Senior Creative Director The planets in the game are created based on the so-called 80/20 system. It consists of “sculpted” locations that in 80 percent resemble real places on Earth, and in the remaining 20 percent are set in absolutely fantastic climates – true to the spirit of the series. star Wars.

Additionally, Ubisoft Massive members revealed it under Outlaws He will hit a character known to fans of the movie saga – Jabba the Hutt (via IGN).

warning. The rest of the post may contain subtle spoilers about the game’s plot.

Interestingly, Jabba will not be just a curiosity or Easter egg, but a gentleman with whom Kai, the main character of the production in question, can establish a collaboration. As if that weren’t enough, players will at some point be given the opportunity to betray Jabba – which will have plot consequences.

Let me remind you of that Star Wars: Outlaws It will debut at an unspecified point in 2024. The game is coming to PS5 and Xbox Series X | S and PC.

  1. The official Star Wars: Outlaws website

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