In Play Now, blockbuster movies are now 50% cheaper

From August 19 to August 22, the blockbuster movies in Play Now Rental were up to half cheaper, many of which cost less than PLN 5.

Purple launcher has prepared a promotion in his country Wypożyczalni Play now. in the days From August 19 to August 22 this year You can rent there The greatest blockbuster movies up to 50% cheaper. You can see products like Sex is not a sinAnd Italian VacationAnd Make a fake wifeAnd The girl with the tattoo And many more already for PLN 5. Prepaid users of the purple offer can take advantage of the Play Now store for rentals.

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Here are some of the movies recommended by the Play Network player.

Virtuoso. duel assassins

A professional killer gets to handle the most complex tasks in life. From his own mentor and boss, he receives an order to track down and kill the person, only on the basis of the appointed time and place of the meeting. Will his composure and accuracy allow him to successfully identify the victim and complete the task when a beautiful woman stands in his way?

The star of the movie is Anthony, Hopkins.

Goliath operation

A Canadian investigative journalist is interested in the arrest of a Thai citizen accused of large-scale drug smuggling. Unexpectedly, he found a trace that clearly shows that the accused had no connection to the world of drug trafficking. Unfortunately, the state bodies are already involved in the whole thing, and they do not like this information. Will Victor succeed in saving the prisoner wrongly?

Appears in the film, among other things Stephen Makati.

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25 years of innocence. case of tomic cominda

A touching drama based on the true events of the life of Thomass Comenda, a man wrongly accused of murder at the age of 23. At that moment his life completely changed. After hearing of a 25-year prison sentence for the rape and murder of a teen, Thomass struggled with the horrors of life in prison for nearly two decades. Fortunately, after 18 years of imprisonment, a new view of the detainee case has emerged. Will Thomas be able to return to normal?

Of the stars that appeared in the movie are Agata Colisa.

All pray love

Sometimes a great home, a good job, and a loving husband aren’t a perfect reflection of what some call happiness. Elizabeth Gilbert, a young woman, in order to get rid of the feeling of powerlessness and uselessness in her life, decides to take a bold step towards change.

Divorce, although a traumatic experience for a woman, allows Elizabeth to start a new life. His first destination is a trip to three countries whose names begin with “I”: Indonesia, Italy and India. It is a metaphorical journey into yourself, allowing you to rethink your current life in order to change it for the better. Will Elizabeth succeed?

Good movie for lovers Julie Roberts.

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