TV Show January 7-9, 2022. What movies are worth watching on TV?

Friday 7 January:

The Lion King Deer. Jon Favreau, Polsat, at twenty

At the start of the weekend, Polsat invites you to view a premium version of one of the most popular Disney cartoons. The story of the lion Simba, who lost his father as a result of a conspiracy and exile, has been replenished with great fidelity to the original. Directed by Jon Favreau, who previously thrived in this way, incl. “The Jungle Book” and as a well-known actor, among others from the Marvel superhero movie series.

How to become a monastery king. Tom Hooper, TVP Kultura, at twenty

Film story about the fate of Jersey IV, who was struggling with an embarrassing problem in the face of the approaching World War II. Unable to talk to people, she seeks help from a specialist in unconventional spelling. The film’s pride is the brilliant performances of Colin Firth, Jeffrey Rush and Helena Bonham Carter. The film won four Oscars.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens, dir. JJ Abrams, Pulsat, at 22.40

Night view of the first part of the latest Star Wars trilogy. The First Order, built on the ruins of the defeated evil empire 30 years ago, is trying to conquer the rest of the galaxy. Only members of the resistance movement oppose him. New heroes dominate the film, but Harrison Ford as Han Solo and Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia also appear on screen.

Saturday January 8:

Matrix, dir. Lily Wachowski, Lana Wachowski, TVN Sedm, Hours. twenty

The fourth part of “The Matrix” is currently showing on cinema screens, so it is worth returning to the first part of “The Matrix”. A stunning production with groundbreaking special effects starring Keanu Reeves.

Freelancer, dir. Dan Gilroy, TVP 1, at 21.30

Desperate to get a job, Le Bloom comes up with the idea of ​​filming accidents and crimes at night and selling the footage to local TV. Fantastic drama with the wonderful role of Jake Gyllenhaal showing seeing the “American Dream” in a crooked mirror.

Shark Deer. Anthony C. Ferrante, Paul 2, 1 hr. 21.50

A movie made for a joke that has unexpectedly gained huge popularity among fans of “movies so bad that they are good”. As a result, he had as many as five supplements. Piece? When a major hurricane passes through Los Angeles, thousands of sharks terrorize the residents of the flooded areas.

Sunday January 9:

Underworld: Evolution, dir. Len Wiseman, TV4, at twenty

The second part of the darkness hit about the eternal fight between vampires and werewolves. A merging of both races, Celine (Kate Beckinsale) and her only ally, Michael (Scott Speedman), must fight for their lives while both sides try to kill them.

Lady M, dir. William Oldroyd, TVP Kultura, watches. twenty

The famous Florence Pugh, known for example from the Marvel universe and the horror movie “Midsummer”, as well as the last quote from “Little Women” about her participation in which she was nominated for an Oscar, this time in the role of a young woman who is treated only by men as. Beautiful decoration.

Need for Speed, Re. Scott Wu, TV Bullseye, Goods. 20

Movie version of the popular video game series. The race driver, Toby, seeks revenge. Starring Aaron Paul, known in the movie Breaking Bad.

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