South Korea.  Seoul subway without seats.  The tested solution aims to reduce congestion

Seoul residents will soon be able to travel on the subway system without seats. Standing room-only vehicles are intended to provide more comfortable travel conditions during peak hours. The subway in the South Korean capital is one of the busiest in the world.

The pilot program will begin in January in the South Korean capital, Seoul. City Metro managers announced Wednesday that two-car trains will be allowed to serve, as only people standing will be allowed — and there will be no seats on them. Currently, these trolleys will operate on two lines during peak traffic hours in the morning and afternoon.

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Metro without seats

The goal of the tested solution is to reduce congestion in the subway during peak hours. Removing the seats is intended to provide more space for passengers and improve their travel comfort. According to statistics from metro managers, Lines 4 and 7, where the program will be launched, reached more than 193 and 164 percent, respectively, only by the end of the third quarter of 2023. Their capacity during peak hours. It is estimated that by removing the seats, the crowding level will decrease to 153 and 130 percent, respectively. Expected maximum limits

“If the pilot program proves successful, we will expand this initiative in the future to ensure that citizens can use the subway more conveniently and safely,” said Baek Ho, executive director of the subway system.

Seoul – Crowded on the subway

The program is one element of broader activities to improve the situation in the metro, which also includes, among other things: increasing the number of trains on the two busiest lines. Seoul Metro has nine lines and 275 stations. It serves about seven million passengers daily.

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