Germany: Schultz’s government ratings are bad.  Pistorius is the most popular minister

Among the ministers in Schultz’s cabinet ‘More frustration than satisfaction’ – The disagreements concern the planned ban on new oil and gas heating systems, as well as the budget, – notes “Der Spiegel”.

“The tone among the coalition partners is getting harsher: for example, Economy Minister Robert Habeck (the Greens) recently spoke out about mistrust, Because the details of the internal negotiations were leaked to the press. According to the FDP There is currently no basic agreement in the government Federal Finance. Chancellor Olaf Schultz (SPD) normally He stays out of conflicts – describes the German newspaper.

A survey conducted by “Der Spiegel” shows how against this background Electors judge Government personnel and the work of the entire government. The most popular minister at the moment is the head of the Ministry of Defense, Boris Pistorius (Social Democratic Party) which replaced Foreign Minister Annalina Berbock (Green Party) in the first place. The head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs slipped to third place in the ranking.

As Der Spiegel points out, the heads of the Ministry of Defense are not particularly popular yet. Pistorius’ high ratings contrast with the results achieved by his predecessor and fellow party member Christine Lambrecht., which made headlines several times due to errors and has long occupied the last place in the ranking. Lambrecht’s predecessor in this position, Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer (CDU), was also at the bottom of the ranking As a minister from the last formation of Merkel’s government,” Spiegel comments.

Pistorius took over the Department of Defense on January 19, which has been particularly significant since the Russian invasion of Ukraine. It remains to be seen if it will remain at the top of the popularity charts. The Social Democratic Party politician faces a huge task Reforms have been awaited for years in the Bundeswehr, while war rages in Eastern Europe.

He is the second most popular minister in Schultz’s cabinet Social Affairs Minister Hubertus Hill (SPD). According to the poll, Hill also lost ground, but not as much as Vice Chancellor and Economics Minister Robert Habeck, who It dropped from second to seventh. A trend that was already noticeable last year continues: more and more respondents Not satisfied with the work of the federal government. She almost announced it Two-thirds of those surveyed.

Satisfaction with the work of individual coalition parties also changed. Greens, whose work has been cleared Certainly the most satisfying Last year, they caught up with the Social Democrats, where satisfaction rates also deteriorated. FDP performed worse again, But she got close to the other two government partners.

The survey was commissioned by Der Spiegel in cooperation with the Civey Opinion Research Institute.

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