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opposition in Russia He calls Vladimir Putin a “grandfather of refuge.” And that’s because the president, for fear of COVID-19, was supposed to hide in a bunker for a few months, maybe ten months or so – he explains pelsat. Russian journalists Sobiesiednik portal He investigated underground bunkers that the dictator might be using. The Main Board of Special Programs is responsible for its construction. The Soviet establishment was responsible for the subway network during the Cold War era (1947-1991).

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Vladimir Putin ordered another building? “Work has intensified lately”

The COVID-19 pandemic is not Putin’s only motive for using bunkers. According to the Sobiesiednik portal, at the end of March there was a real danger of turning the invasion into Ukraine into war nuclear. “Special Aviation Branch Aircraft”Russia” [samoloty rządowe – red.] I became very active.

Moreover, the machine, which usually runs between Moscow, St. Petersburg and Sochi, is heading to Yekaterinburg Urals And to Ufa. Another government plane was landing in Yekaterinburg and Magnitogorsk at that time.

Investigators found similarities between these courses and reports from the closed military town of Mezhgorje near Mount Yamantau (between Magnitogorsk and Ufa). There have been voices that intense and secret work has been going on in the president’s bunkers for a year. In addition, columns of heavy construction equipment were seen shortly before the Russian attack on Ukraine, which the portal also takes as a sign of activation activities.

– Bunkers began to be built in Soviet times for the most important people in the country, but recently this work has intensified. There are certainly shelters in Moscow, in the Urals too, in the Volga region too. Many bunkers are connected by tunnels stretching for tens of kilometers, – said the investigative writer and editor-in-chief of Sobiesiednik, Oleg Roldugin.

money They don’t play a role. Some shelters are located at a depth of about 200 metres. “The cost of repairing the elevator in one of these bunkers was about 50 million rubles (about PLN 3.6 million).

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An “underground city” connected to the Kremlin

There were also reports that there is a network of tunnels in the Russian capital – Metro 2. We read: “They connect state institutions, especially the Kremlin, with bunkers in Moscow, the towns of Balashikha and Chekhov, and maybe even in Kaluga.” It turns out that this is not the end.

“Diggers” – people who venture into the city’s depths – believe that an “entire underground city” called Ramenki-43 has been created. Now, in this area, on the roof, scientific facilities are being built under the auspices of the foundation, which is headed by Katerina Tikhonova, one of Putin’s daughters, the portal reports.

According to Oleg Roldugin, only the network of bunkers that has been created and continues to be created in Russia can be compared with this network North Korea.

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