shock in Italy.  The female bear was shot, and her cubs were orphaned

Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise National Park (Parco nazionale d’Abruzzo, Lazio e Molise) is home to about 50 brown bears. According to residents, animals live here in symbiosis with people. It was interrupted on August 31 when a bear known to the local community was shot.

Thursday evening A bear named Amarina was shot dead by the locals. The cause of the animal’s death is not yet known. It is known that the animal was approaching buildings. On the Internet you can find videos in which you can see a bear walking through the city streets at night with its cubs.

The daily newspaper La Repubblica quoted the head of the national park, Luciano Sammarone, as saying this The bear has crossed a private fence.

Bear killing has been condemned by Italian pro-animal organizations and some politicians. An animal rights group dubbed Amarina “Victims of a cult of national hatred” for wild animals. Activists say politicians are fueling it.

Discussions about the safety of people and the presence of bears are emerging more and more, for example: since the death of a man who died in April from injuries sustained during an encounter with a bear. In the end, the humans were not injured or the bear was killed.

“The Amarena bear was a symbol of the Abruzzo National Park and was an example of the coexistence of man and nature. Amarina never hurt anyone, she was respected and loved by the entire populationSo much so that a regulation was issued prohibiting tourists from approaching the areas she and her cubs visit,” one Italian woman wrote on Facebook.

The issue of the bear’s death appeared in most Italian news channels and media. The event was widely commented on and stigmatized on social networks. Park officials and local residents mourn Amarina’s death. What’s more, it is not known what fate will face the cubs who fled into the mountains.

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