Medvedev threatens Poland again.  The attack scenario was presented

Dmyrty Medvedev, known for his controversial comments, is once again speaking out about the possible conflict between Russia and NATO. The politician claims that Western countries, including Poland, seek confrontation with Moscow.

“The leaders of NATO countries say that ‘we must be prepared for war with Russia.’ Although Russia has repeatedly said that it has no plans for conflict with NATO and EU countries, it is not very clear. Dangerous chatter on this subject continues. The reasons are clear. “Voters' attention must be diverted to justify spending billions of dollars on Ukraine.”

According to the Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council, European leaders are lying to their citizens by repeating warnings of confrontation. “If such a war occurs, certainly You will not follow a “special military operation” scenario. (Russian term for the February 2022 invasion – Editor),” says Dmitry Medvedev.

See: Russian air strike in Ukraine. One of the missiles was heading towards Poland

Medvedev on the war with NATO: the end of everything

A person close to Vladimir Putin admits that NATO countries have incomparably greater military potential than Russia, which is why Moscow will have no choice in the event of a confrontation.

“The response will be asymmetric. They will be used to protect the territorial integrity of our country Ballistic missiles and cruise missiles with special warheads. (…). this It will look just like the very famous Apocalypse. The end of everything“- Medvedev convinces.

“That's why Western politicians They must tell their voters the bitter truth and not treat them like brainless idiots. Explain to them what will actually happen, and do not repeat the false slogan about preparing for war with Russia.”

The Russian economy is in trouble

Western analysts point out that the Russian economy has moved into “war” mode. Every quarter of a ruble is spent on armaments, but when this indicator is converted into GDP, it turns out Moscow is just at the end of the top tenBehind the United States, China and India.

Moreover, Russia has been suffering from technological and economic backwardness for many years. The minimum salary in 2023, converted into Polish currency, was about PLN 700. At the same time, based on data from Rosstat (the equivalent of the Central Statistical Office), the following can be estimated: Almost a quarter of Russians (35 million people) do not have an indoor toilet in their home. More than two-thirds of this group are rural residents.

Additionally, those March Presidential elections In Russia, which aims to increase Vladimir Putin's popularity, it may not turn out to be in the Kremlin's favor. According to preliminary announcements, the Kremlin hopes to obtain approximately 70 percent. Presence.

The vote is also scheduled to take place abroad, which the Russian authorities will use to destabilize the situation, among other things. In the Baltic countries. A Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman warned on Tuesday of a decisive response from Moscow if the Baltic states “sabotage their obligations related to the presidential elections in Russia.” Maria Zakharova indicated the possibility of “protests by the Russian minority” living in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

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