The war in Ukraine.  Russians buy helmets and jackets with their own money.  'We don't have stock' |  world News

security service Ukraine I intercepted a telephone conversation with one of the occupiers. The man is talking to the woman – perhaps it was his wife, because the Russian asks her to send a large sum of money. It’s about $120, or 8,000. rubles that he wants to spend on the purchase of military equipment. It turns out that the interviewee does not have such money and will have to borrow it.

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More than 400 hacking attacks on Russia, including the alcohol delivery service

The war in Ukraine. Russian soldier complains about lack of proper equipment

In the conversation intercepted by the Ukrainian services, we hear a man addressing a woman: – The men are going Russia the entire column. They should buy me some equipment. you have something? – Asked soldier. The woman asks why he needs this amount of money, and then it turns out that the Russian wants to buy a flak jacket and helmet.

– You buy it with your own money, right, Dima? The shocked woman asks. “You know, the things we wear now are hopeless.” The soldier replies that it’s really hard to call it equipment at all.

Kherson.  Ukrainian prank Russian soldiers.  They were running whistling [WIDEO]Ukrainian mocked the Russian soldiers. Whistling as if a bullet is falling

The war in Ukraine. Russia did not expect such long battles

Ukrainian services made it possible to record the conversation on their social media. It was also commented that Russia did not expect such a long battle. “Russia did not anticipate a long and exhausting war in Ukraine until today,” he added army The invaders could not even provide the necessary things. This applies primarily to the individual equipment of soldiers new Secret mobilization wave ”- it was reported.

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