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Do you want to know how much State Mandars earn in the field of culture? Would you like us to do the same with Radio-Canada, a public organization?

Unfortunately, we are unable to find out how much Céline Galipeau (an employee) or France Beaudoin (contractor) earn. How much does producer Luis Morissette get for broadcasts on Vé, which bears his wife’s name?

As a panel soon examines the “modernization” of Radio-Canada, can we demand that “transparency” be part of the changes?

Check all the boxes

Federal Heritage Minister Pascale St-Onge has named seven “media experts” to advise her on the renewal of CBC/Radio-Canada.

1- Marie-Philippe Bouchard, CEO of TV5 Québec Canada.

2- Catalina Briseno, Professor at UQAM Media School.

3- Jesse Wente, Chair of the Board of Directors of the Canada Council for the Arts and the first CEO of the Domestic Screen Office.

4- Jennifer McGuire, Executive Director of Pink Triangle Press, “one of the oldest 2SLGBTQIA+ media houses”. He was editor-in-chief at CBC for 11 years.

5- David Schock, CEO and Editor-in-Chief of The Logic, an independent media organization.

6- Mike Anani is an assistant professor at the Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism at the University of Southern California.

7- Lok Thao, DGPC General Manager. He has worked for NFB and CBC.

The group consists of an Asian expert, a Spanish speaker, a 2SLGBTQIA+ expert and an Indigenous person. In short, we tick all the boxes. Will these experts contribute to making Radio-Canada/CBC more conscious, more militant, more left-leaning? Diversity is all well and good, but could we have ensured diversity of opinion? Why not put someone on this expert panel who has already criticized Radio-Canada/CBC?

Marie-Philippe Bouchard spent 29 years at Radio-Canada. Metro “We are proud to have contributed largely to the launch of an additional division In 2012″. It’s true that Extra, which charges you double for the production of Radio-Canada shows, is a stroke of genius.

Bouchard, Dao and McGuire are Radio-Canada veterans. After spending years in this box, are you going to be the person who turns it over, shakes it up, and “refreshes” it?

Protect the CBC

Finally, are you wondering why senior management is currently working on a plan to bring English and French services closer together?

I have my little theory about this.

We already know that if the Conservatives take power, Pierre Poilivre will want to eliminate the CBC, but he has promised to protect Radio-Canada’s French services.

If the two networks are completely independent of each other, the possibility of one of them disappearing is very real. But if they are inseparable like Siamese brothers or twins in the mother’s womb, they can no longer be separated.

Their common destiny is somehow sealed.

So let’s “sacrifice” part of the autonomy of the French network to protect the English network.

How is that?

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